Corporate structure

Operations and budget

Council operates on a committee system. Each committee has an adopted Terms of Reference and is a standing committee with delegated authority to resolve matters tabled at its meetings. 

Operating with a budget of more than $276 million (2014/15), Cairns Regional Council is a significant local economic driver. It is also one of the region's largest employers with a workforce of approximately 1250 staff. 

Management structure

Cairns Regional Council has adopted a high level organisational management structure, with six departments headed by General Managers and all reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer. Daily operational responsibilities rest with the Executive Team, headed by the Chief Executive Officer.  The Executive Team is devolved the responsibility to implement adopted Council policy and the Operational Plan, and oversees Council's operations with the assistance of branch managers.

Executive Team 

Council's Executive Management Team is made up of:

Mr Peter Tabulo is Cairns Regional Council's Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer, Peter Tabulo

Council's Chief Executive Officer has six General Managers reporting directly to him as members of the Executive Team.

Linda Kircher is Council's General Manager of Corporate Services 
General Manager Community, Sport and Cultural Services, Linda Kirchner

Responsibilities: Creative venues and facilities including Tanks Arts Centre and Civic Theatre; arts and cultural development including the Regional Arts Development Fund and Cairns Festival; delivery of sport, recreation and leisure facilities and services including caravan parks, camping grounds, swimming pools, footpaths, cycleways, Cairns Botanic Gardens and Sugarworld Parklands, environmental management of Cattana Wetlands and Cairns Central Swamp; natural area revegetation and pest management; management of Cairns Esplanade, City Place, Munro Martin Park; provision of library services; community development services and support. Read more about the Community, Sport and Cultural Services Department...

John Andrejic is Council's Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer, John Andrejic

Responsibilities: Accounts payable, payroll, rates and revenue, finance, information services, asset and field accounting, purchasing, contracts and stores. Read more about the Finance Department...

Christine Posgate is Council's General Manager of Human Resources and Organisational Change
General Manager Human Resources and Organisational Change, Christine Posgate

Responsibilities: Human resource management, marketing and communications, corporate services management, organisational change, industrial relations, work health and safety. Read more about the Human Resource and Organisational Change Department...

Bruce Gardiner is Council's General Manager of Infrastructure Services
General Manager Infrastructure Services, Bruce Gardiner

Responsibilities: Capital works preconstruction and delivery; infrastructure planning; works investigations; construction of roads, drains and minor works; maintenance of roads, drains, parks, foreshores, buildings and minor works; management of the Partnership Cairns program; design and survey services; disaster management; and management of Council's fleet and mechanical services. Read more about the Infrastructure Services Department...

Kelly Reaston is Council's General Manager of Planning and Environment
General Manager Planning and Environment, Kelly Reaston

Responsibilities: integrated development assessment; development engineering; strategic land use planning; regional planning; environmental planning; building regulation and certification; environmental protection; public and environmental health; property and administration, FNQROC, mosquito and vector control; cemeteries; Local Laws; regulated parking. Read more about the Planning and Environment Department...

General Manager Water and Waste

Responsibilities: Water treatment and reticulation; wastewater treatment and reticulation; collection, treatment and disposal of waste; infrastructure planning, design and project delivery; corporate and external reporting. Read more about the Water and Waste Department...

Updated: 28 Jan 2015